Cactus Prestige Team Roper

Seat Size

This product can take up to 16 weeks to be delivered

Our top of the line high-quality lightweight Cactus Saddle. It looks a little punchy and isn’t slick when you rope out of it. Once you spend some time in this saddle you'll understand why it's our number one seller.


  • Tree: Wood, Fiberglass Covered

  • Tree Warranty: Lifetime
Bars: Quarter Horse

  • Gullet Height: 7 ¼”

  • Gullet Width: 6 ½”

  • Cantle Height: 3 ½”

  • Weight: 40 lbs (Approx.)


  • 6” Flank Cinch

  • Hermann Oak Leather

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Genuine Wool Skin Lined